Quantum Health Session

Using a priority based protocol that includes BodyTalk, Sourcepoint Therapy and other energy medicine system protocols, your practitioner identifies, highlights and “observes” your health priorities. Symptoms are addressed at its root cause whether caused by a disruption in the Body’s ecosystem or held in place because of psycho-emotional factors or related stressors. Your mind-body complex is changing all the time in response to your environment and your life-style factors.  Powerful 3-Brain (Head, Heart and Enteric Brain) balancing techniques are used to optimize and balance your immune system and restore homeostasis in the body quickly. This is cutting edge energy medicine in practical application to help accelerate the body’s own healing and repair mechanisms. Sessions can be used safely as complementary therapy with any other treatment modality used.

A Quantum Health session leverages cutting-edge medical science research in bio-physics, genetics and Epigenetics, Human Microbiome studies, applied kinesiology, structural integration balancing, myo-fascial release and combines it with the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda as well as the vibrational and energy principles of SourcePoint Therapy and Reiki to bring about powerful shifts at the subconscious level for Whole Mind-Body Wellness.

Clients experience deep relaxation and calm supported by mental / emotional release and balance.  Shifts in health and wellness are achieved by restoring and balancing the  body’s energetic system to its innate ability to heal and correct itself. Sessions are non-invasive, non-diagnostic, non-prescriptive, safe and effective with any existing therapies. Sessions are effective for all ages at any level of health and can be provided in person or remotely/ at a distance.

Need relief from chronic or acute health issues?  Experience health and wellbeing in a whole new way. Schedule your session Today!

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Health Conditions addressed

Stress/anxiety, Sleep disorders
Accident injury/Acute infections/Trauma
Parasites, Viral/Bacterial/Fungal infections
Food & Env. Allergies, Chemical Sensitivities
Auto-immune disorders, Arthritis
IBD/IBS, Digestive,Gut & Bowel issues
Depression, Grief, Mood swings, Fears/Phobias
Endocrine/Hormonal, Circulatory, Lymphatics
Neurological weakness, Structural /Mobility
Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue
Genetic/Hereditary Issues (Epigenetics)
Reproductive/Infertility, Pre/post-natal, Sexual debility
Headaches / Migraines
Sports, Athletic performance and Life events


Achieve a Balanced, Whole & More Integrated You!

Experience profound healing shifts at the physical, mental and emotional level by addressing root causes of illness. Fetal- life/child-birth trauma, accidents and trauma, environmental stressors, microbiome imbalances & epigenetic factors all affect your state of wellness. The powerful BodyTalk system is used to highlight health priorities to bring about balance. No prescriptions, tests or medical diagnosis!