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Achieve Wholeness

A Consciousness based Approach to your Health!

Our wellness approach works at the subtle vital energy layer of the  body using Body psychology to address root-cause issues. I use a Quantum healing approach that include observing and highlighting what your body-mind-spirit needs in this moment and leverage viscero-somatic quieting, vibrational sound therapy and bio-energetic intuitive based approaches for physical, mental, emotional, psycho-spiritual  wellness.

My approach combines the ancient wisdom of traditional Eastern medicine systems, and cutting edge concepts of western medical approaches in neuroscience, epigenetics, microbiome balancing and psychoneuroimmunology, In this way, we can get to the root-causes of what creates an imbalance expressed in the body. A truly pioneering approach in integrative healthcare that addresses health and wellness issues from the inside out!


What I offer

If you are new to this work, I recommend booking a NEW Client Quantum Health and /or an EmRes session before moving into a Biofield Tuning Series.

Quantum Health Sessions

Access profound shifts in your wellbeing to restore balance inside-out

Emotional Resolution

Release tension and stress of Emotional Trauma from your body

Biofield Tuning

Tune your energy field with the power of tuning forks


Online workshops and 5-day retreats in Kerala, India

How does Quantum Healing Help?

At the basis of almost all physical imbalances, is a story of unresolved trauma, stuck emotional and
mental patterns, belief systems and conditioning that we refer to as distortions in consciousness.
These underlying patterns of stuck energy, are held in the subtle vital energy of all  tissue systems and their communication pathways.  Bioenergetic medicine approaches and protocols  help restore the flow of vital energy within organs and tissues. 

In the domain of Consciousness, all possibilities for health exist. Shifts generated at the vital energy body cascade into the physical layer, for wellbeing. A Quantum healing practitioner in quantum entanglement with the client observes for shifts non-locally.

We do not use diagnostic disease labels or allopathic pharmacological approaches. This is a  complementary medicine approach that can be used for all ages and all levels of health, and safely with all existing medical therapies.

Why Quantum Health?

Health is an inside job and is a journey of integration and wholeness. Illness is an expression of imbalance in the body-mind complex. The possibilities for health exists when you are ready. There is no magic pill, technique or one-size fits all solution. Mind and Body are one and when you heal one you heal the other. Resolve your emotions, beliefs, conditioning, and trauma at a deep level to experience Wellness!

Quantum Healing addresses:

Now providing wellness support specifically for long COVID symptoms, as well as help mediate any vaccine effects! I respect any choices you make for your health and body without bias. To learn more, please message me through the Contact Me Page.



Cancer & Chemo




Grief & Anxiety

Pain Management


Reproductive Health


Strength & Performance

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Quantum Health is the deepest state of personalized wellbeing

Energy fields exist within every organism and living cell as physical, chemical, kinetic and electromagnetic forces. These fields are impacted by the challenges of modern living. The vital energy in the subtle-energy body layer is the most subtle of these fields and is where the blueprint of health is impacted. Bioenergetic medicine protocols are used for therapeutic or diagnostic means to observe imbalances in the vital energy body. Sessions are offered at a distance, and techniques applied are either on or off the body, to help facilitate repair and healing through shifts in contexts held by the body. 

Ancient cultures have applied such energy techniques along with plant /animal or mineral based medicines for healing.  We now have the scientific basis of Quantum Physics, on how these techniques work at a distance through the principles of quantum entanglement and non-locality, and discontinuity.

Health is a dynamic state of wellness unique to you!

In our fast-paced, information processing world, the demands made on our mind-body-emotional-mental states sometimes far exceed our threshold . In addition, our industrial/ agricultural practices have had far-reaching profound impacts to our ecosystem-polluting our EMF, air, water and soil microbiome. 

All of this burdens our immune, nervous and hormonal systems.

The body has an amazing built-in intelligence and is designed for adaptation and resilience to a changing environment. By addressing the root cause of symptoms and releasing stagnant and unresolved emotions, we can take a proactive and holistic approach to our wellbeing. 

Health, Harmony and Coherence is possible.


Experience Wholeness!

Heal Your Mind, Body & Spirit