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Your DNA Has Light!!!

Biophotons German researchers have also identified that there seems to be low level spectrum of light particle emissions from and between the DNA of all living organisms. It has been determined that this light emission is some form of a neurotransmitter like signal...

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The Body-Mind Connection

Body-Mind The Body The Human Body is a complex living arrangement of various organs, endocrines, and body parts engaged in a constant homeostasis concert with each other. At the core of every cell there exists an awareness of itself and its surrounding cell systems....

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Time and Space as Concepts

  All ancient cultures observed the inherent rhythms in nature such as seasonal changes, movements of life-cycles, celestial movements and the effect of these long cycles on humans. Centuries later and after much philosophical debate, the present-day concepts of...

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The Human Microbiome

Human Microbiome - Body Ecology "Earth has always been and always will be a microbe-dominated world. Microbes existed for at least 2.5 billion years before the first multicellular creatures..." – M. Velasquez–Manoff " Germ Theory held sway for the better part of...

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