What Clients Are Saying

My Back is better and my pain is gone !
“I haven’t been able to garden or do much because of a long standing back injury. My back feels like new after 1 session! Thank you for making me feel young and active again”!

- SA-Newcastle WA

Spine & Musculoskeletal Issues Gone
“Gayathri has been extremely helpful with releasing the genetic twist in my spine that becomes apparent with emotional stress. My sessions with her are always powerful and transformative.”

S.A. -WA

Anxiety & Depression
“Gayathri has been working with my son for the past year. I was looking for a provider that could help my son unravel his anxiety and depression. Gayathri’s sessions with my son immediately shift him from shut down back to his old animated, creative self. Since he is highly sensitive, most of his sessions are remote—which makes it even more impressive when the session is complete and a mood shift is noticed. I am fascinated by the epigenetic factors that show up in his sessions. Gayathri is a kind and gifted practitioner. I am so very grateful for her gentle magic with my son.”

-C.A - WA

Chronic IBS/ IBD Issues
“I have been suffering from ulcerative colitis for past 7 years. Many years of western medicine & diet changes alone could not help get things under control for my condition. BodyTalk Sessions have helped get me through really bad colitis flares and maintain my symptoms under control.”

- H. R. Redmond WA

A Lifesaver after my accident
“Gayathri helped address my acute injuries and saved me a ton of money in doctor’s visits and hospital bills. Through 4 or 5 sessions, she helped address many of the symptoms and issues I was facing after I was in an auto-accident. My health has improved radically and I continue to receive these sessions via Skype”

- PM-Roanoke Virginia

Acne and Skin Issues
“My children had eczema and food allergies and other sensitivities. I was skeptical about your distance sessions but boy are they powerful and effective. and I saved gas and a lot of hassle in the process! I was in an unending loop of allergy shots, pills and never ending doctor’s visits. Now my children can enjoy their food and don’t have to worry about an itchy, red, or rashy face”

- M.M. Vancouver Oregon