Consciousness as the Ground of All Being

Consciousness as the Ground of All Being


When we are balanced in Mind-Body and Spirit, we experience health and wellness. At the basis of all existence is consciousness, the substrate of all reality. Its transcendent non-local nature is expansion and transformation.  This Consciousness is within and without in the vital energy structures and physiology of all organs and tissue systems as well as the subtle faculty of experience and processing in the mind. When distortions arise, consciousness goes awry and no longer expands.

Emotional trauma, repressed feelings of anger, guilt, grief, sadness, resentment are all factors that create states of contraction. When this continues in a chronic state, it contracts until the very essence of natural consciousness no longer can thrive within. The inherent intelligence within the cells goes awry and dis-ease arises. This can show up in the physiology as untimely cell-death, cell-proliferation, overburdened cells, free radicals, exhaustion, depletion, etc.

  It is unclear, perhaps, which starts first, as the Mind and Body are closely and intricately interconnected. Distortions arise out of conditioning, reference to painful memories both local and at an atomic/cellular level, and coupled with experiences that condition and create new reference points for the brain in a tangled hierarchy with itself. When we approach the Whole, we are also addressing the total of the individual parts. One experiences healing, in a discontinuous non-local way that regenerates the state of expansion. This discontinuous shift is what we call a Quantum Healing.

There are many theories and constructs to explain the inexplicable nature of this discontinuity in healing. This may include vast contrasts with the medical and materialist Newtonian based scientific worldview. Those entrenched in the idea of evidence-based science will label this as pseudo-science quackery yet cannot answer the basic questions about how and why life arises. The arena of exploration of the mind and body continues to be limited with what theorists label as the Hard Problem of Consciousness. We experience it as a fundamental state in its suchness, but it cannot be touched or labeled. How can a subject look at itself as the object? There is only the experiencing of it.