How does the study of epigenetics and transpersonal psychology of understanding the Soul’s Journey contribute to better health and powerful healing?
“Epi”- meaning “above” , “Genome” – meaning the  codebook of instructions for our body-mind complex at a sub-cellular level is where the physical body expresses dis-ease and imbalance.

DNA Strand-QuantumBodyTalk

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I recently completed a 4-month training course in Epigenetics with a teacher / mentor, Dr. Laura Stuve, Ph.D a molecular biologist who worked on the Human Genome project at Stanford before she left and entered the world of energy medicine and BodyTalk. I was particularly inspired by the newfound insights and remarkable results that I was noticing in the chronic health and disease patterns of my clients. The power of observation of potential shifts towards mind-body wellness continue to sustain the backbone of my client practice.

Dr. John Veltheim, the founder of the BodyTalk System recently taught a 3-day course called the Soul’s Journey:3-Brains Theory. With insights gained, I was able to facilitate powerful shifts in my client sessions with accelerated results. My own awarenesses about the human body as an energy container of consciousness has intensified. While we don’t always understand the root cause of illness and dis-ease in the body, I was able to understand better, that the dis-ease process in the body is a necessary mind-body conflict that propels one into a self-introspection on all levels to help transcend perceptions and limitations.
Evidence based medical science does not validate how subtler factors of mind-body health that deal with beliefs, attitudes impact health and contribute to illness. The field of Epigenetics offers insights into markers are created at the genetic level. These observable markers correlate to environmental, lifestyle factors of diet, rest, ancestral factors but cannot be measured to the psycho-emotional factors. As holistic health and energy medicine practitioners, using a healing priority system, we are in a powerful place to help facilitate these healing shifts at the energy body level.


To observe the state of imbalance in this way is humbling and provides a context and meaning to understand how ancestral patterns work in our health. It also helps highlight how our body’s own subtle and energetic systems react and deal with internal and external stressors. Understanding how epigenetic markers are formed also brings about the ability to shift these markers to better health in contrast to previous patterns of ill-health.
The results are short of miraculous and the healing shifts are long lasting. The most remarkable and radical shifts were noticed in my clients with cancer in various stages of diagnoses/prognosis and/or who have been experiencing severe after-effects of chemo-therapy.

It is evident through my client cases, that maintaining a positive outcome and attitude is equally important as it is to maintain an alkaline and healthy diet. Both stoke the cellular level intelligence in the body in the most appropriate ways best-suited for our body-mind phenotype and genotype. BodyTalk comes in as an underlying factor through which the body accelerates and dials into its own healing mechanisms to bring about balance. Combined with a healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle factors of balancing stress, life and emotions, clients experience profound healing on many levels.

The awarenesses and insights that clients gain is equally critical. It is the new-found perspectives on their state of illness and the potential of recovery that contributes to directing their awareness in all aspects of their conscious living.
Awareness precedes the consciousness present in each and every cell of the body and redirects anything going awry. We are indeed in an singularly powerful position to direct this awareness consciously, through our actions and most of our thoughts.
Ancient Yogic practices of breath control (Pranayama) and sound therapy through the chanting of sacred sounds (Mantras), sets into motion a specific healing vibration and frequency within the body which awakens and stokes the consciousness within cells. The ancient seers and sages of India knew these secrets even if they were not privy to the scientific jargon and decades of research. The focus was to improve the microcosmic hologram as a representative of the holographic universe.
With the radical results observed in clients with muscular -skeletal-arthritic, Digestive health issues as well those dealing with a terminal diagnosis of cancer or suffering from the blistering after-effects of chemo-therapy, I feel encouraged by these new cutting-edge findings in the field of the Human Genome Project. I encourage clients in recovery from surgery or chemotherapy to engage in positive lifestyle practices using tried and true yogic techniques to experience powerful shifts in their health.
Young children and teens with learning,social or emotional challenges can especially benefit from these sessions as well. Added benefits include a stronger and well functioning immune system, improved Gut (Enteric) Brain- Heart Brain-Head Brain health, improved cognition, memory, better sleep and digestive health and an ability to handle stress better.
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Gayathri Shylesh, AWP, CBP, ART, RYT