The conversation of cooperation, started earlier this year with a fellow practitioner and friend and future business , on a massage table in Duvall, WA. We started sharing ideas and dreams and visions; what it meant to define purpose and a meaningful life and career, what a Dharmic life expression might look like and be in service of others, and if we were lucky, we could even sustain ourselves and others with it. Looking back, the synchronicity of events and the synergies that were already in motion, were already set before this conversation and those yet to come.  Many events, both bolstering and detracting led us to this. Me with a life and a career change, and Rebecca had an inner vision that she wanted to co-create and co-generate with someone. We could share many heart-warming stories and coincidences that turned up along this journey. As Rebecca and I created and gave birth to this venture, we marvel and stay humbled by how we each were and collectively are propelled by tendencies, karmic wiring, and whatever else that compels us towards this experience of sharing health, wisdom, quantum entanglement and anything else you want to call it. Together, we are proud to present The Center for Quantum Health to all. A New Way of Wellness, providing easily affordable, accessible and flexible complementary /alternative healthcare support to all who need it without being daunted by prices. This is a unique offering, a thought out service offering that allows many to participate and all to partake of in any of our formats but with the intention of growing this Group Matrix for the wellbeing of all.  Learn how you too can experience this amazing way of wellness by participating with us. Join us and become a valued Member at the Center for Quantum Health as we continue to co-create and build this Group Matrix towards Health and Wellbeing.

Peace, Good Health and Blessings!~

Gayathri (Rita) Shylesh & Rebecca Maxcy, Founders – Center For Quantum Health – August 27th, 2014