It is important for us to convey our services appropriately and affordably to all our clients. We believe that our clients receive immense benefits within a single session when the protocols and recommendations provided are followed. We prepare for our client’s wellness needs ahead of a scheduled session. Please read the fine print below before you sign up for any of our Quantum Health Services. I uphold my commitment to deliver courteous, professional and effective services to my clients at all times.

What you can Expect in a Session?

Dress comfortably for your session. It is recommended that you stay well hydrated and empty your bladder prior to your session. The practitioner may spent up to 15-20 minutes reviewing your intake form (longer for new clients) and your progress from past sessions. You will be fully clothed and will be lying down on a massage table where the practitioner will use your hand or arm to check for your health priorities using bio-feedback techniques. During the session, the practitioner may lightly touch different areas of your body or use your hands to place them on areas of your body. The practitioner may provide feedback or ask questions during your session. You may feel light-headed, well rested or fall asleep during sessions. All of this is normal and can be expected to vary from session to session. It is recommended that you allow for adequate rest following your session. It is also strongly recommended that you not schedule other energy work on your session day and to wait at least 3 days before scheduling other energy work or massage appointments. While chronic long-term health conditions may take up to 7-8 sessions to address, most health issues are addressed within 3-5 sessions. The practitioner may refer you out to other practitioners should this come up as a priority during your session.

Disclaimer and Consent

Your Center for Quantum Health Practitioner is highly trained in their respective fields of expertise. They are not licensed Medical Practitioners. They do not diagnose illnesses, prescribe medical tests, drugs or medical therapies. Please note – explicit Client Consent to receive sessions must be indicated via the Health Intake form and is required prior to any of our Quantum Health and Wellness Services.


All Quantum Health Wellness Sessions must be paid in full when receiving our Services. All Services are payable through PayPal, Amazon Payments or via Credit Card. (Service charges may apply). Checks are also accepted. Services may not be exchanged or deferred for another service using any outstanding credit. You do not need a PayPal account to complete payment. If you choose to use your credit card, please email us and we will email you a PayPal invoice to complete payment. Payment receipts are only provided upon request and an electronic copy of your payment receipt will be emailed to you. When paying by credit card or PayPal you will automatically receive an electronic notification indicating Payment.

Appointment Cancellation

I encourage all my clients to plan your session with me as sacred time for your Mind-Body health. As such, please plan on traffic or other area events when traveling to the office. If you are receiving a session remotely, please plan on being connected via Skype atleast 5 minutes ahead of schedule to allow for any technical difficulties. When making appointments for Your Health Sessions, please note that it is your responsibility to be present in the space at least 5 minutes early to get settled. If you show up late to an appointment, your session will last for the remainder of the time set aside for you. If you wish to cancel your scheduled session, please Email or Call within 24- 48 hours of your appointment time. Otherwise you will be billed for your appointment time as the practitioner has slotted this time for your health issues and may have done preparatory work ahead of time. I understand that life happens and in the event of an emergency or some unforeseen circumstance, please contact me immediately so that other arrangements can be made.


Our clients appreciate the low-cost, highly affordable healthcare support model that we offer. To help maintain these low costs without additional administrative costs we do NOT issue any refunds or cancellations on any services or packages once purchased. To learn more about our services before making a commitment, clients may contact us or call us in advance of purchasing our services.

Privacy and Data Usage

Your privacy is important to the Center for Quantum Health and its practitioner. This privacy statement provides information about the personal information that the Center for Quantum Health collects, and the ways in which Center for Quantum Health uses that personal information.

Personal information collection-Center for Quantum Health may collect and use your personal information used to register for Services on our website for the purpose of subscribing you to our website services as well as contacting you to finalize our delivery of services.

Using personal information-Center for Quantum Health may use your personal information to deliver services to you that you purchased from the Center for Quantum Health and to send any statements, invoices or notifications of our services, contact you to deliver our services or collect payments from you and to send any marketing communications to you.

Securing your data-Center for Quantum Health will utilize reasonable technical and organizational security measures to protect and store your personal information that you provide us on secure data storage servers.. This will ensure any prevention of loss, misuse, or alteration of your personal information. All electronic transactions/payment transactions entered via PayPal via this website will be protected by encryption technology provided by PayPal.