Quantum Health Treatment

Integrative  healing for the Whole You! 


Individual Session

Try a single Quantum Health Treatment Session.  I incorporate the wisdom of ancient and traditional systems of medicine like Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and use the bioenergetic techniques of the BodyTalk system as well as tuning forks for Biofield tuning Therapeutic Healing Touch and much more to address your health issues inside out. Single sessions are great for monthly tune-ups as well.

Session Packages

Enroll in a discounted  3-session or 5-session package. Multiple sessions are optimal for those with chronic or serious health issues that may take more than one session to address . Ideal for those with auto-immune, digestive and bowel  issues, hormonal and reproductive issues, cancer, stress and anxiety disorders etc. Families  with 2 or more members  can avail of the 5-session packages

Group Sessions

Monthly Group Sessions are an easy way to receive Quantum Health Treatments  as an on-going tune-up.  Clients can enroll in a monthly healing program where I provide Quantum health or Biofield tuning sessions to a group. The power of receiving a group session is to be experienced. The power of the Group’s intention for good health and wellness, adds to the power of the session’s efficacy.

About Me…….

Bioenergetic Holistic Health & Wellness Practitioner

I have been in a clinical client practice since 2010 providing holistic health treatments for  hundreds of clients  for varying  health issues ranging from a wellness tune-up or performance at an athletic event to those dealing with chronic illnesses,  cancer/chemo/radiation and its after-math. I have also helped clients with fertility issues and other endocrine/hormonal issues as well.  My clients testimonials about their strides in wellness and recovery back to optimal health inspires me daily.

I experienced stress and chronic gastro-intestinal illness for many decades and after years of conventional medical treatments and medications which didn’t  provide relief, I was inspired by my experience with Acupuncture, Ayurveda and several bioenergetic therapies.  My research and training in many of these modalities helped me understand that health and healing is an on-going journey accompanied by personal growth, insights and I discovered how self-limiting beliefs, fight or flight patterns of stress, poor lifestyle factors and repeated exposure to environmental stressors  are all factors contributing to imbalance and illness. I transitioned out of  a 28-year information systems and technology  career to pursue my passion for healing, and holistic medicine practices. 

I have trained and certified as a Wellness practitioner in the classical system of medicine from India called Ayurveda,  studied and taught yoga, as well as trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine,  I am also a certified BodyTalk/PaRama, Adv. Thetahealing practitioner, and Biofield Tuning practitioner.

I have also trained and certified asa Master Reiki practitioner as well as therapeutic healing touch, Source point therapy and many other modalities. I offer individual treatment sessions in my office or at a distance, and I offer lifestyle wisdom workshops that include  Ayurveda, Tantra, meditation and breath practices as well as Jyotish consultations (East Indian Astrology).

My approach to health is a balanced, moderate, multi-faceted holistic approach that can be used in conjunction with other therapies and treatments safely.  Join me on your new journey to health and healing  and a new way of Being!

~ Gayathri Shylesh, AWP, CBP


My Expertise

Stress & Anxiety

Modern living in a highly advanced technological world s accompanied by a fast moving lifestyle and lack of rest and poor nutrition. Many have experienced serious accidents, physical and emotional trauma in childhood.  Quantum Health Treatments helps to balance your body’s ability to deal with on-going stressors and adapt your system to a new way of Being. Clients report profound changes in health and wellness after a single session. Chronic issues require 3-7 sessions.

Gastrointestinal and bowel issues

Stress from environmental and  lifestyle factors, nutritional malabsorption and microbiome factors all contribute to IBD and IBS issues. Quantum Health Treatment sessions help alleviate the expression of symptoms while addressing the causative factors of these illnesses.  Many issues may stem from an inherited or environmental lifestyle factor that can be balanced.

Hormonal & Reproductive issues

Clients often report hormonal imbalances and female clients with long-term endometriosis, PCOS and fertility issues have successfully experienced a remission in their symptoms after a series of Quantum Health Treatment sessions. Treatments for testosterone and other prostrate hormonal imbalances for males can also be addressed through these sessions.

Family Support

I work with families as a unit, starting with the Mother and Father and children of all ages. When the Mother is deficient, the children are deficient.  It is important to recognize that when one member of the family is undergoing a serious or chronic health issue, that the whole family needs help to deal with it. I have successfully worked with many families and young children to achieve optimal health. A multi-session package of 5 is recommended for families.

Individual  Support

I work with individuals of all ages and backgrounds and of varying health and wellness levels.  Health is not the same for all and is unique for each and every one. I treat you as a unique mind-body-spirit and help you resolve the root of cause of any health imbalance that you are experiencing. When deemed necessary, I refer you out to other practitioners and modalities. If you have a chronic issue, I recommend a prepaid 3-session or 5-session package.

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NEW Clients interested in trying out an energy medicine health system. Call me to find out if how my services help you! Please also read the FAQ section under the About Page where I have provided detailed information.

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1st Session!

NEW CLIENTS -START HERE! Your first session is 90-minutes with a detailed intake, review of your health history and receive a profound healing treatment that will change how you experience health & wellness.

My Approach

I use energetic techniques on or off the body to help highlight your body’s health and healing priority. I use techniques from the BodyTalk system, Sourcepoint therapy, Thetahealing, Biofield Tuning to help my clients out of their health crises and move into a rest and repair mode. I combine learnings from western medical paradigms, such as epigenetics, microbiome and neuroscience principles and combine them with the wisdom of Traditional systems of medicine such as Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine to help guide your body back to its optimal state of health.   

Frequently Asked Questions

 What can I expect before, during and after a Quantum Health session?

Once you book a session appointment, you will be asked to complete and submit a brief health intake form online. Please come well hydrated before your session. Avoid taking recreational drugs and alcohol prior to and after your session.  During your initial session with me, we will do a detailed review of your health history.  You will lie down on a massage table fully clothed with your shoes off. I will use a biofeedback technique holding your hand or  wrist and tune in quietly while listening to  your body’s  healing priority.  A light tapping will be done over your head, heart and abdomen to shift, store and integrate the changes into your system. Tapping may be done off the body as well as this is a bio-energetic system. I may ask you for further details on a highlighted health priority, as we go through the session and ask you to place your own hands over certain areas of your body while I tap. You will be asked to take deep  breaths  while I tap over  you. A session may last up to 45 -65 minutes. Clients experience deep relaxation or fall asleep or have emotional releases. You may also experience detox symptoms,  feel tired or energized after a session. You may feel like taking a nap after your session. Each client experiences their session differently.   Rest and hydration is recommended after a session. Taking a salt bath before the end of your day also helps. Avoid scheduling any other energy work like massage, acupuncture or chiropractic work within 3-5 days of receiving a session. Treatments can be used safely with all your other medical treatment systems and will not interfere with them. You can expect to see results with a single treatment or a series of treatments depending on your health condition.


What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the ancient and traditional system of medicine from India and includes herbalism, nutritional and lifestyle changes to bring about balance in a disrupted system. The system emphasizes on restoring balance inside out and focuses on the importance of a balanced digestive system. Lifestyle practices and being in natural rhythms of nature are also a part of this system of medicine.  Pulse diagnosis, tongue examination and other assessments are done including a detailed intake to determine what aspects of your consitution is out of balance. 

What is Biofield Tuning?

Biofield tuning is a therapeutic system where sound frequencies of several tuning forks are used to balance out your biofield of any electromagnetic disturbances. The body listens to the sound frequency patterns and uses this to balance itself. Biofield tuning was put together by Eileen McCusick. (Biofieldtuning.com)

 What is Sourcepoint Therapy?

Sourcepoint Therapy is a bioenergetic system that balances the body’s potential for Order, Balance, harmony and flow. The practitioner holds energy points at a distance from the body to hold various to balance the body to its blueprint for health.   The Sourcepoint therapy system is put together by Donna Thompson and Bob Schrei. (https://sourcepointtherapy.com/)

Do you prescribe or diagnose?

Short answer “NO”! I am not a licensed medical professional. While I am able to interpret several  western based medical lab tests and results of western medical  diagnoses labels,  I  provide recommendations for a balanced approach to health using natural food and  and plant-based/herbal supplements. I lean heavily towards  an  improvement of lifestyle and stress factors that affect your health.  I do not muscle-test your supplements, drugs or other health products or symptoms.  I  can help highlight factors and stressors  that may  adversely impact your health.

What is Jyotish?

Jyotish is a Sanskrit word that means “Science of Light” and refers to the ancient science of astrology from India. Jyotish consultations may be used to receive insights and perspectives on your current life’s journey and may be scheduled if you are going through a life-change or milestone event or wanting to understand your life’s path. Clients are encouraged to be focused and specific when asking questions in their consultations. When scheduling a consultation, you are asked to submit an online request form, details of your birth, date, exact time, and place. Allow 2 weeks for a consultation once you submit your request as it takes me time to compile your chart notes. Consult follow-ups maybe scheduled every year or as you feel necessary once your initial chart is done.

What is it that you do when you tap on me?

The tapping technique is from the BodyTalk system. We tap on your head brain to wake up the brain to the new shifts and changes highlighted in your session formula, we tap on your heart brain to store the new changes into your body, tapping on the abdomen, helps integrate these changes into the gut brain.

How many sessions will I need?

The answer is “It Depends”. If you have been experiencing a chronic or serious illness, please book a 3-session or 5-session package. It took several years or decades for your body to be in this pattern of illness.  One session will certainly give you immediate relief from some of the symptoms but several sessions maybe required to bring about complete resolution results. You will be given guidelines for self-care and protocols for nutritional and lifestyle changes. How you progress with your healing is entirely up to you. I see our sessions as a partnership as I help facilitate your healing journey.

What does Quantum Health Treatment mean?

In Quantum Physics and quantum mechanics theory, the act of observation of an event or a potential for events brings about changes. In a Quantum Health Treatment session, we are observing the body’s potential for optimal health in your original blueprint for health that is unique to you. We incorporate the information from eastern and western medicine systems to observe the body, mind and spirit and address what caused the body to go out of balance in the first place. When the reasons are highlighted usually with an emotional or mental stressor, the body starts to incorporate the new states for health and leverages its own intelligence to maintain homeostasis or homeodynamics. Changes are at the subconscious level and at the quantum level (atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons, quarks) and start to cascade dynamically into all tissues and organ systems of the body.

What is Bodytalk?

BodyTalk  is a form of bioenergetic consciousness medicine system that helps highlight the root cause of illness or imbalance in the body. A neuro-muscular biofeedback system is used to ask the body yes or no questions and highlights the body’s health priority and the practitioner uses a light tapping technique over the head, heart and abdomen to integrate the shifts. This powerful system of health and healing combines the principles of quantum mechanics, Eastern wisdom and western medical science research in a single treatment session. This system forms the basis of all my work to help identify how your treatment session will proceed.  The BodyTalk system was founded by Dr. John Veltheim (https://www.bodytalksystem.com/)

What is a distance/remote treatment?

Through the principles of non-locality and quantum entanglement from quantum physics, I am able to provide treatment sessions to clients anywhere at any time regardless of contact. You do not have to be in person in my office or in real time to receive the full effects of  a session. I see clients across the world in various countries, states and time-zones. Some clients prefer to receive sessions while asleep while others meet me online via Skype, Google Hangouts, Facetime or Zoom. I also provide sessions in the USA by telephone. Clients may find this to be strange and the famous scientist Albert Einstein referred to quantum entanglement as spooky action at a distance. Distance sessions are possible because I am able to focus on the blueprint or hologram of your body-mind complex just as though you are in front of me on my treatment table. Clients experience profound results from distance sessions. When you schedule a session, indicate your session preference on the online intake form.

What is Thetahealing?

Thetahealing is a form of meditation that helps the client access their own subconscious levels of healing to help identify and release any limiting beliefs that prevent optimal health and wellness in the body-mind and spirit. The system was founded by Vianna Stibal. (https://www.thetahealing.com/)

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