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All treatments and protocols offered are all equally powerful. NEW Clients start with a NEW Client Quantum Health session and /or an EmRes session before moving into a Biofield Tuning Series. Clients with long-term health issues should consider a 3 or 5 Session discounted package.
Shift your health profoundly back into balance inside-out
Release tension and stress of Emotional Trauma from your body
Tune your energy field with the power of tuning forks
Receive personalized care guidance for lifestyle

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Quantum Health

A Quantum Health Treatment session, helps the body restore equilibrium, balance and coherence at the vital energy body and at the quantum level which cascades into all tissue systems of the body. Combining the wisdom of Eastern traditional medicine as well as western medical research, the root cause of illness is identified and bioenergetic techniques are applied to help the body regain its balance, harmony and wellbeing.
Quantum Health treatments are appropriate for all levels of health and all ages. These sessions can be used safely and securely with other medical therapies to address the following conditions:
Our sessions are done via Zoom or phone call or FaceTime (2nd option only). Using a neuromuscular biofeedback technique, I use structured intuition to gather information about your health blueprint and your Mind-Body health priorities. You may be asked some background questions as necessary to help with the process. Your body may highlight a priority different than the one you indicate as your primary concern. It is by working through these seemingly different priorities that true healing comes about.
I like to use the analogy of peeling the layers of an onion back to get to the core. I use a 3-Brain tapping protocol to integrate the new shifts highlighted for your Body-Mind. You may be asked to place your hands over specific areas or the practitioner may place their own hands prior to the tapping process. When applicable, the practitioner will tap and / or use hand placements to focus on specific areas of the body. You will be asked to take very active deep breaths as the new shifts are implemented.
Our body’s built-in intelligence (innate wisdom) guides and directs many complex physiological and psychological functions of trillions of cells synergistically through neural, chemical and energy pathways. An infection or fever, disease symptoms, or an inflammatory response is the body’s immune system reacting in response to any number of factors.
Quantum Health Sessions take effect at the subconscious level of the Mind and at the sub-cellular/sub-atomic Quantum layers of the Vital Energy body. The protocols and techniques used in a Quantum Health Session helps improve the communication and coordination between your body’s complex tissue systems. The body’s own repair processes are optimized and accelerate to restore optimal balance to the Whole BodyMind complex.

EmRes® (Emotional Resolution)

EmRes® is a natural body-awareness based calming method to help bring awareness of the trauma or burden of emotional patterns created in the body. As we continue to store negative emotional patterns in the body, it gets triggered by situations in life which then leads to disruptive patterns like anger, stress, anxiety, shame, avoidance etc.
The body is ready to release and resolve these dysfunctional patterns when we observe and allow it to pass through the body without any constraints or interference. Our bodies are designed intelligently for self-emotional resolution. EmRes® (Emotional Resolution) protocols were designed by the Emotional Health Institute to help release these patterns and trauma naturally.

New advances in Neuroscience studies indicate that physical sensations are responses of predictions from the brain, based on past stressful experiences.  To learn more about the history of EmRes click on this link:

Biofield Tuning

A sound therapy method using tuning forks activated at various harmonic frequencies to tune the subtle field of energy composed of electromagnetic energy and information that surrounds and inter-penetrates the body. Sessions help clear tension, static and held energy within the human biofield and creates harmony, coherence, and balance. Offered online via Zoom or phone call. All NEW Clients must complete New Client Health Survey Form before a session. 3 Sessions recommended for calibration.
The human biofield is the energy field that surrounds and permeates our bodies and is inextricably connected with our conscious and subconscious mind, including all of our memories. All physical, mental and emotional disorders can be perceived as “dissonance” in our energy fields. Biofield Tuning is able to diminish and resolve this dissonance and helps alleviate corresponding physical, mental and/or emotional symptoms.

Your Biofield Tuning session is a powerful and profound sound and vibrational frequency healing session that affects your body-mind and energy at many levels. It is important to be well hydrated both before and after a session. You may continue to feel energy moving, shifting in many ways and notice shifts happening in a variety of ways. It is not uncommon to feel tired or energized for a few hours and days after the session to be followed by a slump. Sleep patterns may change or be disturbed. It is always suggested strongly that you take an Epsom or Sea-salt water bath or a salt-water foot soak or a salt-scrub (if you don’t have access to a bathtub).


Detox symptoms can be headaches, flu like symptoms, irritability, waves of emotions, loose stools (diarrhea), and /or fatigue or depression or anxiety. It is important to understand that these impressions and energy are releasing from inside your system. Note that some of the static held has taken many years if not decades to go into imbalance from repeated patterns. Please be patient as the body finds its balance and the detox symptoms pass. Use this time in self-care, to journal, observe, meditate, be in nature, in silence etc.


It is recommended that you follow up for another session within 7-10 days. For optimal results, a minimum of 3-sessions is recommended for the body to settle into its new found frequency state.


Biofield Tuning sessions may be received in person or at a distance. I offer discounts on 3-session packages

Clients should lie down resting or recline without any distractions during a Biofield Tuning session. I activate the tuning forks and scan the body slowly in the perimeter of your biofield around your body. I look for resistance and static in the client’s energy field, as well as listen for a change in the tones of the tuning fork. When a resistance is encountered, the tuning forks are continually activated and held in that specific area to release tension within the body. You will be asked to take long deep breaths and exhale fully to help aid and enable any release of tension and static in the biofield.

Generally, yes. Biofield Tuning can create a strong healing response releasing toxins held in constricted tissue. The release of these toxins can trigger detoxification symptoms – exhaustion, strong emotions, loose stool, rash, and flu-like symptoms.

Detox symptoms may create a health crisis for some individuals.


  • Cancer
  • Terminal illness
  • End-of-life
  • Pregnancy
  • Pacemaker or other implanted medical devices
  • Recent (within past 6 months) concussion or brain injury
  • Morbid obesity
  • Extreme heavy metal toxicity


Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation

Receive personalized care guidance for lifestyle, stress management and nutritional guidance based on ancient Ayurvedic science for mind, body, spirit wellness. You will receive valuable information for your unique mind-body constitution after a personal assessment. Recipes, practices and other recommendations will be provided to you.