The Magic of your Genes- well… what is above your Genes….

The Magic of your Genes- well… what is above your Genes….



The complexity of our biology resides not in the number of our genes but in the regulatory switches,” Eric Green, director of the National Human Genome Research

When the human Genome Project published its findings in 2000, medical researchers had hoped and expected to identify and unlock the secrets of disease and health- “a human body decoder ring” from the catalog of letters (A,C,G, T) that made up the dictionary/ genetic protein code for the human genetic blueprint. Instead what was observed was that the vast majority (about 98%) seemed to have no apparent function and scientists could understand very little of it.

Very few genes were actually associated with diseases (mostly rare) and instead majority of illnesses like cancers and other common diseases pointed to the “junk DNA” regions or areas of the genome that did not make proteins. More scientists delved into studying “junk DNA” and their studies revealed that the space between the DNA actually contains a complex system of signal markers/switches that turn “ON” or “OFF” to regulate our genes, determine disease risk and many other complex and distinguishing factors of the human body.

These switches are now referred to as Epigenetic markers and are now determined to be controlled purely by environmental stress, diet, emotional/behavioral factors and other related stressors.  What this means is that if your grandmother had breast cancer, it did not automatically imply that you too will get cancer but rather the disease potential exists. However, if your body-mind successfully managed its ability to relieve and balance ongoing stressors, the risk potential decreased substantially. Epigenetic markers not only activate/de-activate genes but also control how much protein gets made and when. These result in epigenetic changes, referred to as DNA methylation, has been implicated in heart disease and other related conditions.

The new findings in epigenetics, provides an expanded platform of options to consider us when addressing a disease; for example when treating a patient with Crohn’s disease-we may focus on the microbiome in the gut, the immune system cells in the stomach or the neural cells in the brain that fire signals to the gut instead? These findings have greatly expanded our limited understanding of the immune system and its actions as well.

Our Method/Approach

The Center for Quantum Health practitioners are trained in addressing hereditary and epigenetic factors when addressing chronic and long-standing illnesses and other related issues. We bring in epigenetic factors into our client sessions for effective results.

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