Jyotish Consultation

Jyotish (‘Science of Light’) is an ancient art and science of divination from the Vedic philosophies of ancient India and is still used prevalently in modern day, traditional Indian households.  A Jyotish consultation providesa a 360 degree view on your life’s journey and path taken. The approach is from the Vedic philosophical perspective of the 4 goals of Human Life: Dharma (life’s purpose), Artha (path taken to fulfill Dharma and desires), Kama (physical/ material  desires), Moksha (Liberation or Salvation).  Jyotish also provides insights on the effects of Karma (effect of one’s life’s actions) as well as issues that arise in one’s life circumstances.

You receive a Birth /Natal astrological Chart (Kundli) as well as a comprehensive and detailed  chart notes with recommendations and remedial measures that you can undertake to help you progress through your life’s journey and opportunities. Consults maybe done during  major life-changes, events, and milestones like birth, death, marriage, divorce, job / financial changes, serious or chronic illnesses, infertility, accidents and trauma, serious relationships to determine compatibility prior to marriage, family /workplace conflicts, or mental / emotional/spiritual crises, etc.

“I studied Jyotish since the 1990s and trained in the S. Indian (Kerala) style of Jyotish. I have mentored with many teachers and with an astrologer who hails from a traditional lineage of astrologers for generations.  Your life chart is sacred and I treat each consultation with great respect, devotion and compassion without judgement.  Recommendations provided are highly personalized for your birth chart. Your personal details are maintained with strict confidentiality. It is recommended that you print your chart out and store it in your sacred space, altar etc.”

How to Schedule a Jyotish Consult

Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) consults are pre-paid. I cast your chart and detailed notes well ahead of our consultation.

  1. Complete and Submit the Request for Consult Form below.
  2. Complete payment.
  3. Click on the Schedule button to schedule a date and time (schedule at least 10 days out)
    • Consults are done in-office or online via Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime or phone.
    • New Clients receive a birth (natal) Chart in the South Indian Style ahead of the session.
    • After a session, detailed notes will be emailed to you.

Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) Consultations

Gain profound insights into events or themes in your life. Attain a 360- panoramic view of your life including physical, mental and emotional health issues, or around other aspects of your life including family & relationship dynamics, Status and achievements in the work place, career & life events, major milestones and life directions. A detailed Vedic Astrology Birth Chart and reference notes are provided. Sessions are scheduled 2-3 weeks from payment and Booking