What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the ancient and traditional system of Holistic Medicine from India. It takes into consideration all factors including your internal and external environment to be part of the Whole You.

Any imbalance in your internal or external environment disrupts the ongoing homeostasis maintained in the body and over a period of time develops into illness. Through Ayurvedic life-style and dietary practices along with supplementary plant-based herbs, you are able to gradually and gently restore your health back to balance. This requires commitment from the client and the practitioner over a period of time to monitor and address all factors affecting your health.

The Practitioner performs an extensive assessment of your Mind-Body health including your physiology, day-to-day functions, lifestyle factors, dietary factors, mental and emotional factors and addresses these factors holistically to bring your health back to balance.

Dietary adaptations to include specific spices, plant and grain-based diets maybe recommended. Organic Plant-based herbs may be recommended along with other formulated herbal compounds, essential oils, dietary guidelines as well as lifestyle practices to include daily regimens as well as seasonal regiments.

In addition, oil massage with herbal oils for the body and scalp may also be recommended. (If client is not able to do self-massage Massage services may be recommended to be provided by an trained Ayurvedic Massage practitioner as well).

The practitioner works with a client over a period of 21-days to 3 months to support your health and monitor changes closely as client progresses with the protocols recommended.

Gayathri received her training in the traditional style of Guru-Disciple transmission in the ancient lineage of many Ayurvedic physicians trained in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. She honors this tradition deeply and offers her respects to her mentors and guides on whose giant shoulders she humbly she stands on. She is able to offer this wisdom to her clients in a compassionate and practical way in a one-on-one setting or in a workshop setting. She is also a Registered Yoga Teacher, who provides Vedic astrology consultations (Jyotish) and is a long time meditation practitioner and facilitator.

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