Your Mind-Body complex is an ever-changing dynamic field of information and intelligence made up of 10-50 trillion cells that is in constant communication with all of its parts, as well as its organizing systems as one unit. This field of self-directed intelligence (called a Morphogenic field) contains the blueprint of all possibilities for health required to help maintain balance within itself at all times. It also includes the body’s subtler aspects like the electro-magnetic field, the storage of impressions gathered through sensory input, ancestral and hereditary factors, ongoing relationships- old & new with its internal and external environment, including the 100 trillion microbes and its genetic information that resides in and on your body! (called the Microbiome. This defines the overall context for your Health and Wellbeing!
Any changes, positive or negative, within this well maintained dynamic ecosystem, triggers changes at the sub-atomic level (Quantum level) and within the DNA/RNA levels to bring about shifts that transmit and cascade into all parts of the body and within the Morphogenic field. In other words,​​ Quantum Health is an inside job!

Disease vs. Wellness?

We experience stressors continually from our environment, relationships, family-work-life balance challenges, socio-cultural, spiritual and ancestral influences. This impacts our ability to maintain a balanced Body-Mind.

Fetal life, childhood or adult life trauma, if left unaddressed, can also disrupt and weaken the body’s self-maintaining and self-organizing capabilities. Some of us come pre-disposed with genetic factors towards certain illnesses.​ Such stresses if left to continue can disrupt and breakdown the complex network of communication pathways between systems within the body, creating symptoms of disease and illness. ​​

Through Quantum Health principles, we can relink and restore these communication pathways to bring about balance within the Mind-Body complex. We are then able to restore and regenerate on all levels of the physical body and its Morphogenic field.

Quantum Health Sessions highlight priorities for health for each of our clients to address the root causes of disease and imbalance to create Wellness. Because each client brings their unique set of Mind-Body factors to their health, no two client sessions are alike even if it is to treat the same condition or set of symptoms.

“WholeHealthcare focuses on addressing the whole-person and their unique story to reveal the true underlying causes of dis-ease. What might seem like an obvious problem to you is not necessarily the one your body needs to have addressed first.”~ Dr. John Veltheim, Founder of the Bodytalk System