What to Expect in a Quantum Health Session

This is a non-invasive, non-diagnostic energy medicine system that works on health priorities and can be used safely as adjunct therapy to your regular therapies. Sessions are done in person or remotely (at a distance via phone or video) and usually lasts between 45 mins to 1 hour. Your first session will run approximately 90 minutes and will include a detailed intake of your health history. If the session is being conducted on a toddler, infant or pre-teen the parent may be used as a surrogate during the session. All communication and interaction between the client and practitioner will be treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality. Clients of any age, or any level of health can experience the benefits of a Quantum Health Session.

Before a Session:

The following is intended to help enhance your session with me:
Client will be fully clothed for the session.
Please remove shoes and belts before relaxing on the massage table.
Wear loose/relaxed, and comfortable clothing of natural fibers.
Ladies, if possible, avoid wearing a metal-underwire bra.
Remove coins, heavy jewelry, watches and belts before session commences.
Shut off and remove cell phone/digital devices from your person.
Drink plenty of water before and after your session.
Plan for downtime after your session and avoid stimulating or stressful activity.

During a Session

Using a neuro-muscular biofeedback technique, the practitioner uses protocols and procedures to help highlight your body’s health priorities. You may be asked some background questions as necessary to help with the process. Your body may highlight a priority different than the one you indicate as your primary concern. It is by working through these seemingly different priorities that true healing comes about. I like to use the analogy of peeling the layers of an onion back to get to the core. The practitioner will tap very lightly over the your head and sternum area. You may be asked to place your hands over specific areas or the practitioner may place their own hands prior to the tapping process. When applicable, the practitioner may tap and /or use hand placements off the body thereby avoiding any physical contact if necessary.

After a Session

The practitioner will review your session with you during or after your session. It is recommended that you drink plenty of water and rest as much as possible avoiding any stimulating or strenuous activity. This is intended to help facilitate a better integration of the healing process that just occurred. You may experience subtle changes which may range from feeling more relaxed, more alert or an increased state of well-being after a session. You may continue to experience subtle changes over the course of the next few days or weeks. The practitioner may suggest that you schedule follow-up sessions if required or recommend another practitioner to pursue additional therapies.

How does it Work?

Our body’s built-in intelligence (innate wisdom) guides and directs many complex physiological and psychological functions of trillions of cells synergistically through neural, chemical and energy pathways. An infection or fever, disease symptoms, or an inflammatory response is the body’s innate wisdom acting to address an imbalance within this complex synchronicity of functions.
The unique and comprehensive BodyTalkTM System helps the practitioner to connect with this innate wisdom to determine the healing priority for your body.
Quantum Health Sessions take effect at the subconscious level of the Mind and at the sub-cellular/sub-atomic (Quantum)/DNA -RNA levels of the body. The protocols and techniques used in a Quantum Health Session helps improve the communication and coordination between these complex internal systems. The body’s own repair processes are optimized and accelerate to restore optimal balance to the Whole Body-Mind complex. The Practitioner may also use other modalities like Reiki or provide Ayurvedic wellness recommendations as part of your Quantum Health Session.