Frequently Asked Questions

Due to my travel schedule and the uncertainty of the pandemic era, I offer my services online via Zoom video conferencing, phone (US & Canada only) or offline. Please read the section on Remote Sessions so you can understand what you are signing up for. All treatments are safe, non-invasive, non-diagnostic complementary bioenergetic health protocols, and works with your current medical therapies. I address your unique health and wellness priorities personalized for your mind-body as is highlighted and identified in a treatment session. I sell no products or endorse any claims. We are co-partners on your healing journey.
Please book your session online I am usually booked out by several weeks at times, please note this as you consider your schedule and availability. Please do not email to schedule your session.


If you have never received a treatment session with me before, then you are a NEW Client. All first time, new clients must schedule one of the New Client services with me. You will be required to complete a New Client Health questionnaire and consent form online at the time of booking a New Client Service (Quantum Health, Biofield Tuning, EmRes). This is mandatory as it allows me to review your history prior to your scheduled appointment. Please include any and all details on health, medications and childhood illnesses, accidents, surgeries or trauma, vaccinations, antibiotics etc. that you feel comfortable sharing with me. Please indicate, if you are pregnant, have heart pacemaker or electronic device implants, recent concussion or brain injury (6 months or sooner), an active diagnosis of cancer, heavy metals exposure (mercury dental fillings removed recently etc.), COVID, COVID vaccine etc.. Biofield Tuning protocols are contraindicated for these conditions and I can use other protocols instead.
Yes! I welcome children of all ages. I treat pre-natal / in-utero / post-natal / lactation issues for yourself and your child. Quantum Health and Biofield Tuning is safe for minors assuming there are no contraindications based on their health condition. If you are scheduling appointments for children or minors, these are listed as single services or as add-ons when you schedule your session. Please let me know and I will help you schedule these appointments. Consent for treatment for each child must be provided before treatment. It is best that the primary caretaker / parent receive sessions first before enrolling a child.
For your first appointment with me, we will spend approximately 90 minutes together. During this time we review your health history before we start your treatment session. This time allows me to consider a customized treatment plan to address your specific needs. When we work on complex and chronic issues, it is important to address these issues gently and gradually as much as your body-mind will permit. This may require 1-5 sessions. There are many factors that contribute to serious health or chronic issues and imbalances. If it has taken years to get here, please be patient as we work through them as much as your body-mind is able to process in a single session in a respectful way. Treatment Sessions may include other protocols for health as per your body’s priority agenda.

Do not schedule other energy work, like massage, chiropractic, sound healing within 3 days after receiving a treatment with me.

  • Do not consume intoxicants, alcohol or recreational drugs before or after our session. This prevents a full integration of the shifts that are occurring in your body-mind complex.
  • Drink lots of water before and after your sessions.
  • A salt water bath or foot soak is suggested for self-care after a Biofield Tuning treatment.
Please use your appointment reminder email notification to change or cancel your appointment. Please allow a 24-hour cancellation notice as I have clients who are on a waiting list or ask for specific times. Last minute cancellations will result in a 15% penalty of your payment before a refund. If you have a lat minute emergency, I will review it- please email me right away! If you cancel more than twice with me without adequate notice, I may choose to refer you to another practitioner or refuse to provide you my services. I value your time and mine and any repeated events of last minute cancellation will result in a cancellation fee or forfeit of your payment.

I offer online booking to make it easy for you (and me). This avoids a lot of email exchanges between us. New clients will need an email address to get started. Once you’ve booked with me, you may log in using your email id.

  1. Visit my Online Booking Link on my website through the “Book Now” button
  2. If you are a NEW client, select NEW Client – Quantum Health Session (90 mins) or NEW Client Biofield Tuning. NEW CLIENTS – You will be required to complete an Online Health
    Intake & Consent for Treatment form at the time of your booking. If you are a current client, Select Quantum Health Treatment – Current Clients
  3. Select your timezone and an available date and time that is convenient for you.
  4. Complete payment for your session, using PayPal or with a credit card
  5. You will receive an automatic confirmation email once your booking is reserved and payment is complete.
  6. You will receive an email reminder 24-hours before your appointment with a link to connect to your session via Zoom (or phone call if that is your preference).


Remote sessions may not be completed if the client is engaged in activities that negate or counteract a Quantum Health session such as eating, exercising, consuming intoxicants like alcohol/drugs or receiving another treatment like Acupuncture, Reiki or massage since the practitioner may not receive Permission to proceed with a treatment session.


Payment is due at the time of service or at the time of scheduling a session through my online booking system. I prefer that you pay through the online booking appointment system and one-off arrangements add to my administrative time and overhead. All Services are can be made securely and safely through PayPal or via Credit Card. (Service charges may apply). These tools have been tested several times and work for most major credit cards. Services may not be exchanged or deferred for another service using any outstanding credit. You do not need a PayPal account to complete payment. Payment receipts are automatically generated and an electronic receipt of payment will be emailed to you when you complete your payment successfully. I am not equipped to provide you with any custom invoices or receipts.
No, I do not accept insurance. Bioenergetic work and much of holistic medicine is not covered by insurance and I do not handle Health FSA or insurance claims.
Clients appreciate the healthcare support model that I offer. To help maintain these low costs without additional administrative costs I do NOT issue any refunds or cancellations on any services or packages once completed in part or wholly. To learn more about our services before making a commitment, please contact us or call us in advance of purchasing a services. Please know that if you insist on a refund, a service an administrative fee of 35% will be imposed on top of any other full session charges . This is for my time.

I offer my services to all those who can benefit from them. As a small business owner providing one-off complementary holistic health services, that is not covered by insurance, it is important to me that I provide you with quality treatment sessions that provide you with relief and wellness in a gentle, mindful and gradual way.


My Services fees are subject to change as my costs go up. For this reason, I don’t list the prices on my website. Instead, you may see the latest prices, click “Book Now” at the top of the page and go to my Services menu. I offer discounts on 3-session and 5-session packages. My level of expertise and experience comes with decades of training and continued investments that I make to turn up in a qualified and well trained way to my clients. I have an obligation to myself to keep my lights on in order to have an office and provide services to others.

As you consider the fees for my services, please ask yourself the following:


  • Do you trust that I am the right person to partner with you on your committed journey to wellness?
  • Do you have concerns about how much you value your health?
  • What are you comparing my services to?
  • If you are have concerns with any of these, you may wish to re-consider your choices in selecting me as your practitioner.

If you are on a fixed income (proof of your income required) or facing hardship circumstances, I can consider a sliding scale fee. I invite you to sign up for my Quarterly Group Healing Sessions. These are powerful in its impact and most people experience profound shifts.


I value and respect your data and privacy. I will never sell, share or utilize your data for any marketing purposes. You will receive our quarterly newsletter only if you have subscribed to receive them. Your contact information is stored on the secure scheduling portal Acuity Scheduling. Your payment data is not stored and is not visible to me and is protected by highly secure payment portals that is used as industry standards.

Remote Sessions

Due to the quickly evolving nature of the current times, health restrictions and my changing travel schedule, I provide all my treatment sessions via Zoom online or by phone. A remote/distance session has the same effects as an in-person session. It has been shown that practitioners of bioenergetic therapy like Reiki and other protocols, have resulted in profound effects on the recipient. This is achieved through quantum entanglement and non-locality through the power of intention, focus, and attention.   In order to benefit from your remote session in your personal space, here are some guidelines:
  • Address your technical issues on Zoom, devices etc. ahead of our session. I am not equipped to address these and any time taken to address this during our appointment time will cut into your time with me.
  • Make sure that you are undisturbed, uninterrupted and in a relaxed state for our session together. Do not schedule while driving, exercising, walking, eating, drinking alcohol etc.
  • Interruptions to take care of the needs of your pets, children partners break the flow and focus of a session. Ensure that you can be comfortable and relaxed for the duration of our session without interruptions. If I am addressing children above 9 years old it is best to have them be alone with me. I can always share with the parent what comes up during the session.
  • Turn off cell phones, music, TV, and have someone attend to your children, pets etc. Animals may sense the energy work that is being done and may wish to join you to receive some benefits for themselves if they don’t need to be catered to.
  • Offline Sessions are also offered if you are in a medical care setting or a public setting. Please inform me so that I can schedule this appropriately.
We now know that electro-magnetic fields exist and these fields influence us in many ways. The same principles are used for distance treatment sessions like Reiki. The practitioner and Client are in a Quantum Entanglement using the principles of Non-Locality in Quantum Mechanics. This non-local interaction allows the practitioner to access the client’s energy field to highlight health issues no differently as if they were in person in the practitioner’s office. “When the hands are further away, the Morphogenetic Field is being accessed. This field uses extremely high frequency energy to replace and regenerate all tissues. This is how non-local healing is accomplished.” – Dr. James Oschmann
  • Online Remote sessions are scheduled for a specific time to be performed via phone, or video conferencing on Zoom, (or FaceTime as a second option only)
  • If you cannot access these tools, your session will be done offline or via Phone where applicable
  • New Clients-if you are unable to meet via Zoom, please email or submit a recent (not older than 3 months) photograph along with your  completed Health Intake and Consent Forms.
  • For effective results, it is recommended that clients purchase a 3-Session Package for Remote/Distance Treatment Sessions as results may not be evident in a single session.
  • Quantum Health Sessions leverages several bioenergetic therapies like BodyTalk, Body Intuitive, Source point Therapy, Reiki etc. to deliver healthcare to balance Mind-Body and Spirit for complete wellness.
  • These are Consciousness based Energy Medicine system that can be used to deliver sessions in a remote/distance in a live-mode or offline format where the client need not be present or in dialogue with the practitioner.
  • Remote sessions offered this way, leverage the principles of Quantum Physics via concepts of Quantum entanglement and non-locality (time and space being concepts) from Quantum Mechanics. These principles have been proven repeatedly through experiments. Time and space are constructs for the brain. We are addressing health at a subconscious level and at the quantum level of possibilities for health.
  • The Practitioner is trained in using specialized focusing tools and the priority based protocols are used to access the client’s health blueprint (Morphogenetic Field). I use structured intuition and the knowledge gained from my experience and training over the years as is needed for your health agenda.
  • Health Priorities for your wellness, are highlighted using this system just as we would in an in-person/in-office session and shifts for wellness are observed regardless of distance or time. This enables the client to experience the benefits of these powerful Quantum Health Sessions at any time or at any place!
  • Ideal for clients in other time zones and countries, small children/infants,  teens, animals or clients who maybe incapacitated or unable to attend online in some way