The Body-Mind Connection

The Body-Mind Connection

The Body

The Human Body is a complex living arrangement of various organs, endocrines, and body parts engaged in a constant homeostasis concert with each other. At the core of every cell there exists an awareness of itself and its surrounding cell systems. There is a complex symphony of signals and relationships not just within the cells but also between cells and other cell systems, tissues, organs, endocrines and body parts. We know that the three brains coordinate most of the autonomic nervous system through a complex system of communications and feedback by secreting various neurotransmitters or chemicals into the body.  This collective communication network of intelligence forms the awareness or consciousness (also referred to as Innate wisdom) that directs all actions not only at the cellular level but expands into whole body systems and genetic level responses.

The Mind

We know that the Body responds in many ways to  feelings, thoughts, emotions  as well as input from our environment. So how does the Body translate, interpret, respond and react to these signals?  In order to understand this interaction, we must first understand what the Mind is.  Before we begin our understanding of the relationship between the Body/Mind we must first establish an understanding of Consciousness.  We all know that Awareness is at the foundation of Consciousness.

We say that a person is conscious when they are aware of themselves or  their surroundings.  Where does this sense of awareness come from? The Mind is the collective faculty or ability of a person to perceive awareness of thoughts, sensations, emotions and their environment. The mind is also the faculty of deeper thought and introspection and is influenced not only by one’s life circumstances but also responds to stress and emotions. So where does the mind reside and where do we get the thoughts that enter our mind? It was once thought that the Mind resided in the Brain but we now know that this is no longer true. The brain lights up areas in response to mental stimulus or interpretation of a stimulus.

Ancient philosophies and wisdom traditions have taught that the Mind is a field of awareness that surrounds us individually and collectively. The analogy that best serves to understand this concept of mind is a radio that lights up when playing music on a radio station. The radio is the brain, the music playing is our thoughts and the radio station currently broadcasting is our mind. To say that the mind resides in the brain is like saying that the radio generated the music which is a fallacy.  While neuroscience asserts that understanding the brain will help us understand human behavior, we also now know through studies of brain neuroplasticity that the Mind helps shape the brain in many ways and not the other way around.

Our Method/Approach

What we do in our Quantum Health balancing sessions is to restore the body’s natural self-directed intelligent processes by reestablishing the communication pathways that once existed in a healthy pattern.  We respect the body’s ability to restore itself and the focus is then directed into the restoration and correction of these signaling and response patterns.

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