Time and Space as Concepts

Time and Space as Concepts

All ancient cultures observed the inherent rhythms in nature such as seasonal changes, movements of life-cycles, celestial movements and the effect of these long cycles on humans. Centuries later and after much philosophical debate, the present-day concepts of a daily 24-hour Time cycle, the 365 Day solar cycle and the 28-Day lunar cycle are standards.

This also creates concepts of time such as past, present and future. Albert Einstein’s theory of Relativity indicates that there are many relative moments of the present time and not just a single present time therefore all these moments of present time are equal.

Similarly Space is a dimensional construct to help us understand our environment /area and objects within it. In fact, space is a vacuum and can appear infinitely vast such as the universe.  Measurements of length, breadth and width are assigned for our left brain comprehension of space and relationships of objects and how they behave in these relationships. This  has been best described in the Newtonian laws of physics that underlie Classical Mechanics.

The Science behind Remote/Distance Sessions

Classical physics fail to explain how objects behave at Quantum/ Sub-atomic levels or when speed approaches or appears to exceed the speed of light. In the Quantum world, the concept of Non-locality  describes the ability of objects to recognize instantaneously each others states even when separated by large distances.  Objects seem to arrange themselves as though in anticipation of “future” events and an instantaneous action and transfer of information appears to occur amongst them. This collective behavior or correlations between objects that is dependent upon each other’s states and properties to the extent of losing their individual properties, has been described as Quantum entanglement.

Einstein described this as “spooky action at a distance” and acknowledged that he could not explain this behavior indicating that there were “hidden variables” at play.   The principle of non-locality and quantum entanglement has been repeatedly tested and demonstrated in numerous lab experiments that involve communication, computation, studies of the mind, thoughts and behavior and its impact on the body at a sub-atomic level as well as objects and systems in the universe. Even though this seemingly peculiar concept may defy common understanding and logic, these laws are very much part of our real world and are at the forefront of all new emergent technology. ​

Our Method/Approach

It is by applying principles of quantum entanglement and non-locality, that we effect change on the body-mind when we are facilitating Quantum Health Balancing sessions in highly effective remote /distance sessions with our clients.  Group sessions done this way demonstrate that the effects are stronger than individual sessions.

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